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Resources for Further Education

We’ve been exploring ideas for learning teaching in our current series at Master Teaching. Perhaps the most obvious way of learning teaching is to pursue formal education. (Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean we want to leave the rock unturned.)

Below are four recommendations for reputable programs – specifically for the field of TESOL – including certificate programs as well as programs to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees.

It’s no coincidence that leaders from each of these programs have written for Master Teaching before. We invited their participation because they are field-shapers.

Azusa Pacific University – California, USA/Online

The Azusa Pacific University (APU) TESOL programs have a distinguished reputation of offering rigorous yet practical courses from a faith-based perspective. With two certificates and a Master’s degree in three different formats, APU TESOL has options for a variety of students around the world. The TESOL Programs have graduated more than 700 teachers with MA TESOL degrees since the Campus Program started in 1986, impacting thousands of students in over 40 countries.

The Campus TESOL Program is located in the culturally and linguistically diverse Los Angeles area. The Field-Based Program holds intensive courses in July and January and is currently partnering with John Tsern to offer five $10,000 scholarships to new students who wish to teach in China while earning their MA TESOL degree. The Online TESOL Program is currently the largest program, since students may log in at times that are convenient for them from around the world.

For more information, visit their website or email

LCC International University – Lithuania/Online

LCC International University offers an affordable high quality MA TESOL Program for graduates aspiring to grow professionally in the TESOL field and develop their teaching and linguistic acuity through a dynamic blend of online courses and annual on-site class sessions on LCC’s campus in Klaipėda, Lithuania. The flexible design of the program is ideal for working professionals and offers opportunities for theoretical training, practical application, research and cross-cultural relationships.

Alumni have gone on to contribute leadership in a variety of ESL/ EFL settings ranging from elementary to university level programs as well as testing and writing centers. Students have appreciated the individual attention they receive and have credited this program with professional development, meaningful relationships and opening doors for future opportunities in doctoral programs and leadership arenas.

For more information, visit their website or contact Dr. Aliel Cunningham, director for the MA in TESOL program at LCC, at  

Lee University – Tennessee, USA

Lee University offers both BA and BAT (with TN teaching licensure for public schools) degrees in TESOL. It is a comprehensive undergraduate program in TESOL with on-campus practicum opportunities in a community language program. This is a unique opportunity to major in TESOL at the BA level, and it prepares students for positions in EFL and ESL contexts.

Email Dr. David Broersma at with inquiries.

Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School – Illinois, USA

In the fall of 2016, Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School in Chicago launched an interdisciplinary M.A. in Intercultural and Urban Studies with a TESOL emphasis (MA IUS-TESOL). In the fall of 2018, it plans to begin offering a full M.A. TESOL, as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESOL and perhaps an M.Div. with a TESOL emphasis.

These programs are designed to lay a solid seminary foundation, then to interweave pedagogy, applied linguistics, and hands-on skills in order to train professional English language teachers who are followers of the Master Teacher. A dynamic urban setting and low tuition costs add to the appeal. Graduates will be qualified to teach in any higher or adult education setting in North America or overseas.

For more information, please visit here and here.

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We welcome your comments on any of the ideas in this post or in answer to the questions below:

  • Does further education appeal to you as a way to learn teaching?
  • Which of the programs here might suit your needs?
  • What other programs can you endorse for this resource?

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