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Melissa K. Smith

Melissa K. Smith, PhD LEAPAsia President & Educational Consultant

Whether learning is a result of nurture or nature, Melissa has been blessed with opportunities to learn teaching. The daughter of two teachers, she grew up observing their preparations and sitting in their classrooms, even at home where her mom had a penchant for using experiential learning to teach values.

Later, opportunities to learn continued with degrees in Bible, TESOL, and education.

She’s taught in China for 20 of the last 25 years and is currently an Associate Professor at Ningxia University. She’s trained teachers in China, Northeast India, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. She’s also taught mentoring and MA TESOL courses for Wheaton College (U.S.) and LCC International University (Lithuania).

Recognizing that a different life in a different family or society would have closed most of these doors, she’s on a lifelong journey of learning to turn opportunity into glory for the Master Teacher.

You can find her Master Teaching posts here: posts by Melissa.

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