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Drawings & Contests

Drawings and ContestsThe winner is…

Congratulations to Erica D. on winning our drawing (for signing up to follow Master Teaching.) She chose the $10 Amazon gift certificate.

If Erica or anyone else is looking for some good reading, check out our Resource Files post from a couple months ago.


An essay contest.

We’re looking for essays on your philosophy of teaching as a follower of the Master Teacher.

To enter:

  • Write an essay that answers the question: What does being a teacher who follows the Master Teacher mean to you?
  • Your essay should be 400-600 words in length.
  • Send your submission in a Word document (without your name in the document) to
  • Entries should be received by June 27.
  • The winning entry will be published right here on Master Teacher. 🙂

Photo Credit: kevinthoule via Compfight cc

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