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Below you will find a list of articles or books penned by authors of our posts. Many of the resources are specific to teaching English as a second language. Others are more widely applicable. Many are practical. Some are more academic. 

Resource links will either take you to the Amazon page for a book or the full-text version of an article. Author links will take you to posts they have written for this blog.

If you would like to contact an author about an article/book, email us at, and we’ll forward your message. In some cases, authors may be able to send you a copy of an article.

On teaching in a low-resource environment

  • “Teaching in a Low-Resource Classroom” (July 2013) by Sarah Portell, in English Teaching Professional, Issue 87.

On using team-building activities for practice

  • “Teambuilding” (May 2012) by Sarah Portell, in English Teaching Professional, Issue 80.

For those who teach oral English or speaking courses

On teaching culture

  • “English teaching, Intercultural competence, and Critical Incident Exercises” (2015) by Don Snow, in Language and Intercultural Communication, DOI: 10.1080/14708477.2014.980746.

On lesson planning

  • “Apart from Language, What? Reflections on the Content of the Language Lesson” (2012) by Marilyn Lewis, in TESOL Journal, volume 3/4, pp. 529-536.

On co-teaching cross-culturally

  • “When Planets Meet” (March 2011) by Qiangba Yangjin & Sarah Portell, in English Teaching Professional, Issue 73.

For those who train or mentor teachers

On Tutoring

On teaching in the moral dimension

For those who teach theological English

For a reminder that rest is as important as work

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