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Celebrating His Image

Over the last few weeks, some of our contributors have invited us into their lives, or rather into their students’ lives. They’ve given us glimpses of their students through their eyes. This teacher lectionary builds on their ideas as we look for the Master Teacher’s image in our students, colleagues, and other humans in our spheres. Join us before the throne today or anytime during this Lent season.

You can find a printable version of this lectionary at the link below. 

Entering the Throne Room

(Genesis 1 & 2; Romans 1:20; Colossians 1:15-17)

Jesus, You are the visible image of the invisible God.

Christ, You are supreme over all creation.

  • All that exists came about by Your design, what we can and cannot see.
  • Everything was made by and for You. So also was everyone.
  • You hold all creation, all of us, together.

Creator of everything and everyone, You placed Your imprint on all that You made.

  • In the earth and sky, air and sea, Your invisible qualities, Your eternal power and divine nature, are clear.
  • In our spirits, Your life breathes.
  • In the humans who inhabit all the spaces around me, Your image dwells.

Seeking Mercy

(James 3:7-12)

With the tongues You have made, we both praise You and curse those who have been made in Your image. This should not be.

Each of the humans who inhabit my spheres bears Your image, whether they know You or not, whether I recognize You in them or not.

  • Please forgive my bitter words and poisonous thoughts.
  • Help me to see them through Your eyes, with Your heart.
  • Then, will You turn my curses into blessings?
  • May gracious words and thoughts about them flow from me, bubbling up from Your kindness in my heart!

Being Still

Creator, as I consider the humans in my spheres, including the ones I love most and those I most struggle to love, will you show me Your image in them?

(During a period of stillness as You consider and listen, you could:

  • look at photos of people in your spheres or picture them in your head, starting with those closest to you physically and working your way out or vice versa.
  • jot names of people or groups and notes in your journal or fill out a chart like the following:)

table 1


(As you go through your photos or mental pictures again or using your journal or chart, celebrate the humans in your spheres. Some sentences you could begin with are listed below.)

  • Thank You, Creator, for designing them to be like You…
  • I celebrate the parts of them that remind me of You, Jesus…
  • When they come to mind, I can’t help but think of these Ancient Words…
  • When they come to mind, I can’t help but think of this story about You…

Going Forth

(1 Peter 2:9-10)

As I leave Your throne room, I continue my celebration. As your holy priest, I will shine with Your goodness by speaking blessings over and about the humans in my spheres.

(You could use a chart like the one below to list words of encouragement you might speak to the humans in your spheres or words of celebration you may speak about them to others.)

table 2

Further exploration

Photo by Ismael Sánchez:

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