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In the field of English Language Teaching we talk a lot about “communities of practice” where teachers can grow collaboratively in their profession. Sound familiar? The idea is included in TESOL’s “6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners.” The topic of collaborative growth also comes up here on Master Teaching in our professional development posts. Or perhaps what comes to mind is your organization or fellowship and their emphasis on team or small groups. Community, right?

The limitations of the times have had us thinking about the importance of community, and perhaps we’re learning a good lesson: One-on-one communion with the Master Teacher is nourishing and sweet and lays a foundation for community. Being united with one another begins with each of us—individually and personally—becoming one with our Father.

The intention of this lectionary and accompanying study guide is to draw us into deeper communion and more intimate fellowship with the Master Teacher. We draw on His intercession for His followers, including for us, in John 17 as well as some of His teachings in the previous four chapters. We make the assumption that His request that we would be one begins with each of us abiding in Him.

You can find a printable version of the lectionary and companion study guide at the links below:

Entering the Throne Room

You are the One and Only.

  • That You intercede for us, Advocate, is incomprehensible. Thank You!
  • That You would want to commune with me is unfathomable.
  • That You listen and respond—to me—is amazing.

In You, we see perfect unity. (Perhaps looking the words up in a dictionary, appreciate how the Master Teacher engages in the following with you.)

  • Communication
  • Community
  • Communion

Seeking Mercy

During this period, perhaps You’ve pruned community out of my life for good reason. If I’m substituting it for personal communion with You, please help me, Spirit of Truth, to hear and respond to Your invitation to be alone with You.

When I would _____ and squander opportunities for intimate fellowship with You, Intercessor, help me to bring my whole self to You for healing and renewal instead. (Fill in the blank with a phrase from the list or come up with your own.)

  • allow myself to be distracted by….
  • give into anxiety or fear because of….
  • feel weary, frustrated, or angry about…
  • pretend to be…
  • dig in my heels about…
  • run away to…

Being Still

You lay down Your life for me and call me Your friend. You take me into Your confidence and tell me Your business. I’m listening, Friend.

(During a period of stillness, you could:

  • consider the three words from earlier—communication, community, and communion—and ask the Master to teach you how to better engage in these with Him.
  • choose a section from John 13-17 to mediate on and dwell in His Word.
  • ask Him what He is pruning from your life, why, and how you could be more involved in the process.
  • listen to the Master through a song, perhaps: Holy Communion or Nearer my God to Thee.)


Counselor, will You help me to _____? (Choose from the list below, or add your own.)

  • remember that I am Yours, that I belong to You?
  • abide in You as You abide in me?
  • remain in Your love?
  • dwell in Your Word?
  • lean into Your otherworldly peace?

I also intercede for my community, Comforter. Will You _____? (Choose from the list below, or add your own.)

  • sanctify us so that Your Word becomes fruit in us?
  • protect us by the power of Your Name?
  • give us Your transcendent peace in these troubled times?
  • fill us with the full measure of Your joy?
  • help us to wash each other’s feet, loving and having unselfish concern for one another?
  • show us Your glory?

That those in the world around us may see Your glory and know that they are deeply loved!

Going Forth

As I leave Your throne room,

I do not go out alone.

You are with me,

Spirit of Truth,

Counselor, Comforter,

Intercessor, Advocate,

Helper, Teacher,

and Friend.

Further exploration

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