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Seeking & Sacrificing

Christmas isn’t over yet! According to the church calendar, we have twelve more days to seek the King like the wise men did and lay our gifts before His throne. Will you join us as we follow in their footsteps—seeking wisdom and offering up a sacrifice of thanksgiving as we look back over 2020 and ahead to 2021?

This lectionary is designed to be used over a seven-day period during these twelve days leading up to Epiphany. No dates are included, however, so that you can follow a pattern suitable for you.

Each day a Psalm is listed. Then, under the heading, you’ll see:

  1. two sentences with specific words (suggested by the Psalm) highlighted: In the first sentence is a title (in all caps) for the Master Teacher, and in the second, a way for us to respond to Him (underlined). Try spending time each day dwelling in the Psalm and on the words as you seek wisdom.
  2. space for you to write (or speak) a thank you note to the Master Teacher based on your dwelling, a sacrifice of thanksgiving to lay at the feet of the King.

You’ll find a printable version linked below with space for writing. Alternatively, you could write in a journal. The other two links go to songs.

May the eyes of your heart be enlightened!

Day 1: Psalm 50

You are MOST HIGH.

I offer You a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Thank you for…

Day 2: Psalm 30

You are my HELPER.

I dance in joyful celebration before you.

Thank you for…

Day 3: Psalm 95

You are KING of kings.

I bow in worshipful surrender at Your throne.

Thank you for…

Day 4: Psalm 62

You are my ROCK.

I rest in You.

Thank you for…

Day 5: Psalm 107

You are our REDEEMER.

I ponder Your gracious deeds of rescue and reversal.

Thank you for…

Day 6: Psalm 118

You are my REFUGE.

I trust in You alone.

Thank you for…

Day 7: Psalm 123 & 130

You are my MASTER.

I’m watching and waiting for You.

Thank you for…

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

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