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Where else would we go?

It’s been a long time since we posted anything on Master Teaching.  When the pandemic first started on one side of the ocean, we were distracted. Then, we settled into a new pattern only for our comfortable routines to be upended all over again as this crisis spread around the world. We know that many of you are feeling isolated and weary of unusual teaching and work situations. We realize that some of you are pressing on in adopted countries without your community of friends because others are stuck outside those same countries longing to go “home.”

And so, we return to posting with an entry in our teacher lectionary. Where else do we go in a crisis but to our knees. Will you join us? In particular, we will be spending extra time in the throne room during the weekend of October 23-25 and would love to know we are not alone.

This lectionary is designed for a period of time before the throne. Feel free, however, to break it up and work through the different sections at intervals during the October 23-25 weekend. Unless indicated otherwise, we’ve drawn on John 6:22-69 and Ephesians 3:14-21 either from the NLT or NIV.

Entering the Throne Room

I fall to my knees before Your throne, Creator of everything on heaven and earth.

  • You are Living Bread, the only food that satisfies our hunger.
  • You are Living Water, the only drink that quenches our thirst. 
  • Your glorious resources are unlimited; they satisfy all our needs, empowering us with inner strength
  • Your love is wide and long and high and deep, too great to fully understand but fully fulfilling.
  • In You, we have everything we need. You complete us.

You are able to do more than we could ever ask or even imagine!


Seeking Mercy

We cry out, “Please heal our land, our world,” but we’ve forgotten the prerequisite. Please bring us to our knees, humbly seeking You. We sigh over the sins of the world. But it’s “my people who are called by my name,” You say, who need to turn from their wicked ways. That’s me. I’m so sorry. (2 Chronicles 7:14

Please forgive me for working for food that spoils. I chase after _____. I distract myself with _____. (Use items from the list to fill in the blanks, or add your own.)

personal freedoms
political systems
social media

Instead, I commit to being in Your throne room, feeding on living bread that endures for eternity. Please help me to drink deeply of Your living water even when the cup is full of suffering (Matthew 20:22). 

Being Still

Why are you allowing this pandemic to continue not to mention other crises around the world? Why am I “stuck” where I am? I want life to go back to normal! Now! 

Yet, I choose to be still before Your throne (Zechariah 2:13). I choose to stop begging You to do what I want and instead ask what You want. I’m listening. 

(This space indicates a period of stillness.)


Now, with a better understanding of Your plan, I bring my concerns before Your throne.

(Fill in the blanks below with: 1)  the names of students, colleagues, neighbors, or friends,  or 2) people affected directly or indirectly by the pandemic like children, the elderly, girls and women, or those living in particular countries, cities, or refugee camps.)


My sisters and brothers around the world need You. They cannot survive this pandemic without You.

  • Will you help me to encourage _____ to fall humbly before Your throne?
  • Will you make _____ especially aware of Your all-encompassing love?
  • Will you empower _____ with inner strength from your glorious, unlimited resources?
  • Will you satisfy _____ with Your living bread?
  • Will you lead _____ to drink deeply of Your living water even when the cup is full of suffering?


How do people survive a crisis without Living Bread?

  • Will You cause _____ to crave Your satisfying love? Will you give me wisdom and words to speak into their hunger?
  • Will You make _____ thirsty for Your forgiveness and mercy? Will you help me to live in a way that increases their thirst?
  • May _____ join me in humility before Your throne!


We also lift those in countries, camps, and hospitals around the world who are understandably distracted by dire physical needs.

  • Will you heal _____?
  • Will you provide a livelihood for _____?
  • Will you fill the bellies of children and others in _____?
  • Will you protect _____?
  • Will you show me tangible ways to be Your living bread to _____?

Going Forth

I leave Your throne room empowered with inner strength from Your glorious and unlimited resources, Living Bread. But I will return soon. Where else would I go? You have the words of eternal life.

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4 comments on “Where else would we go?

  1. Carolyn Stent
    October 17, 2020

    Looking forward to joining you next weekend! Thanks for sharing with us this helpful guide.


    • LEAPAsia
      October 20, 2020

      Thank you, Carolyn! Your participation is encouraging. It’s good to know we are not alone. 🙂


  2. Denise
    October 24, 2020

    Lifting up!


    • LEAPAsia
      October 26, 2020

      Thank you, Denise. It’s an honor to lift with you. 🙂


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