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the Sore Knees Challenge

photoRevelation 8 depicts the prayers of Yahweh’s people being mixed with incense and offered before His throne. In response, “thunder crashed, lightning flashed, and there was a terrible earthquake” (v. 5).

Could your classroom or school use a little thunder and lightening? Do you or a colleague need a bit of a shake-up…or perhaps a gentle whisper? (See 1 Kings 19.)

You are invited to join us for our ongoing Sore Knees Challenges–occasional periods before the throne for yourself, your students, school, and colleagues. For each of these periods, we post new entries in our teacher lectionary with thoughts and scripture passages to guide your lifting.

You can read about our sore knees challenges at the links to our teacher lectionary entries below.

If you would like to join in, we have no specific directions for how, when, and how often you enter the throne room and offer your prayers during these periods. Feel free to lift once or twice a day for 5, 10, or 20 minutes or even an hour. Or…you decide. Also feel free to:

1. Send us a message and let us know that you are joining in. Like Elijah, we would like to know that we are not alone. Please feel free also to share private requests with us. You can use the “Contact us” link in the left column or email us:

2. Invite your colleagues to join with you, individually and/or in group times together.

3. Include a fast from…(You fill in the blank.)

It is always a privilege to go before the throne with you.

Photo Credit: sollsuchstelle via Compfight cc

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Photo Credit: Eric Fischer via Compfight cc
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