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In a Minute {a video}


It only takes a minute to change the course of a child’s life.

Melissa Smith received some money she wanted to use to further education in the economically repressed southern region of Ningxia, China. She employed her graduate students to help decide how to spend the money. They chose books.

It was a procreative choice on two accounts. The more you give, the more you give; and the more you read, the more you read.

The Eileen Smith Liu Pan Shan Book Project was born through those early efforts, and eight years later, there are 3,987 (as of Friday) books in the company of children in Ningxia.

The minutes used to select, deliver, and read books to children compelled Melissa to examine how minutes matter. She recently shared this minute-by-minute wisdom with a lecture hall full of students and teachers in Northeast China. An excerpt of that talk is below.

If a minute is all it takes to make a lasting positive impact in a child’s life, then we want to know how to do that. Many thanks to Melissa for clearing the way down that path.

How do you give a minute to a child? Take thirty now to watch and consider:

The Minute that Changes the World

Further exploration

What’s your perspective?

  • How do you give a minute to a child?
  • How do you give life changing minutes to your students?

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