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Sharing in their Humanity

This week Aaron Carmichael gives us his perspective on what it means to be a teacher who follows the Master Teacher. In his “this i teach” post, he tells a story that reminds us to empathize like our Master.

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On Being Observed: an Unexpected Goodness

Do you enjoy being observed? Even if you do–and most people don’t!–are there benefits? Julie Prentice gives us some insight into how observation helps us to learn teaching and more importantly “see” our students.

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If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Some of my students suffer from a serious disease that could be described as egocentrism. They sometimes get so caught up in Self, are so afraid of looking bad or┬átheir … Continue reading

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Fields and Trees

Have you ever wondered why when you run into a student that eagerly answers all of your questions in class, gives creative details and personal examples to illustrate her unique … Continue reading

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